Ireland needs hundreds of new gospel churches if the millions of unbelievers from the different communities of this country are to be saved from hell for heaven.


 Our prayer is that the Lord will graciously raise up church planters and through them and their teams evangelise and gather people into a culturally mixed variety of plants across Dublin and then across the island.

We are committed to seeing gospel believing, gospel living and gospel sharing churches established and strengthened. There are many ways to launch these types of new churches.  ICM is committed to both pioneering new and strengthening old churches across the country.



ICM wants to grow a ‘family’ of church planters and church-planting churches in order to bring glory to God and blessing to the peoples of Ireland today.  The following examples of different church planting models involve countless stories of leaders and many helpers committed to realising this vision.  

ICM is committed to providing a network of support for planters and churches to thrive in reaching Ireland.

Pioneer Planting

In this model we’re attempting to create a new church out of nothing. Pioneering church planting involves recruiting, deploying and supporting a more entrepreneurially gifted planter. Ordinarily he gathers a launch team from scratch through contact with both Christians and non-Christians. He does this in order to reach a particular community with the gospel.  EXAMPLE: Iranian Ministry. 

Congregational Planting

Congregational planting happens ideally when one church identifies, trains and sends out a team from their church family to establish a new work in a new location. Often this church is launched in a different area of a city or region, although sometimes such new congregational services happen within the same church.  EXAMPLE: City Church Dublin

Strengthening/Revitalising Old

In this model we look to create a new church out of an old church. This typically involves the careful injection of resources, people and new leadership into the current situation in order to write a new chapter in the church’s history.  EXAMPLE: Immanuel Church Dublin.

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In our attempt to reach Ireland with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ we are committed to partnering with other Christians, Churches and Networks in order to achieve this aim. Our current contacts are with

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 Want to join the ICM family of church planting in Ireland?

Church work is hard.  It demands patience, wisdom and courage.  

Starting a new church demands all those qualities and arguably more.  Critically it also demands an acceptance of potential utter public failure, but the conviction that it is worth it anyway.

You’ll need a sense of privilege.

Given the context of Ireland today, without a very clear sense of the privilege that it is to commit to the long hard work of church planting, it is doubtful that you will see the work through.  Knowing therefore that our labour is not in vain must be deeply rooted in every church planter.

You’ll need a clear sense of priority.

In the midst of many competing methods, not to mention understandings of ministry it is of the greatest importance that every church planter is committed to the priority of prayerfully making the gospel plain, both in the life and in the doctrine.

You’ll need an ability to pioneer

Every church planter will need to be able to break some new ground.  This does not mean that they will necessarily do it alone, but they will need to have the desire at least to take the gospel to some people group who have little or no exposure to the gospel at present.