Prayer Update Sept-Nov '19

1-8 September

Ivan, Adina & Thandeka De Lima Gonçalves
As Ivan, Adina and Thandeka have been delayed in arriving in Ireland due to visa processing bureaucracy,  pray for them to continue trusting in the Lord and that their hope would be always in Him alone.  Pray for swift and timely processing of the appropriate documents and for patience and joy in the Lord as they wait.  
Pray for wisdom and God's provision regarding relocation timings and practicalities and for God's peace in the midst of uncertainty.

The Crossland’s training course seeks to offer theological training when and where people need it. This month we will be helping to launch a learning site here in Dublin. This means that people from all over will be coming together to learn about God, his word and mission with modules taught by Pastors in the Dublin area. Please pray for this new initiative as we launch it on Monday 2nd September, that many would deep their knowledge of and love for the Lord Jesus. 

Iranian Ministry
Lord willing we will baptise 3 Iranian on 08th September. Please pray the Lord would use them as His ambassador in their families, amongst friends and Iranian society.

9-17 September

Cameron & Alex Jones
Pray for Cameron and Alex as they say farewell to the parish of St. Nicholas, Carrickfergus and embark on the move to Dublin to begin evangelism particularly focused on those working in the IT sector in Dublin's Docklands.  Pray for the Lord to provide for their immediate and ongoing financial, accommodation and physical needs which are not insignificant.  Especially in the midst of such big changes, pray that they would continue to have a deep joy in the gospel, an immovable conviction of the value of putting Jesus first, and that they would know the peace of the Lord which transcends all understanding. 

Students in Dublin
Pray for students beginning courses in Dublin and those returning to study after summer holidays. Pray they would settle quickly into Bible-based, gospel-driven churches and not hop from one to another!  Pray for Immanuel and City church as they welcome such students.  Pray that students would establish strong and honest friendships with other Christians and be emboldened to speak of Jesus with others. Pray that the many Christian Union “Freshers' Week” events would result in many longer-term relationships, both for those keen to live out their faith in college and for those who may be new to the gospel.  Pray for ICM staff who often speak at various meetings organised by Christian Unions, that their efforts would support the witness of the Christian Union and be used for God's glory.

18-24 September

ICM AGM / Culture Night Pray for the ICM AGM on Thursday 19th September in Belfast.  Pray for encouraging reminders of God's faithfulness over the last year, and a dependent, godly wisdom as the Trustees, staff and supporters look to the year ahead.

Give thanks and pray for another opportunity to present the Bible to the people of Dublin in our annual exhibition as part of the country-wide “Culture Night” on Friday 20th September (  We open the ICM building for visitors to view old and new Bibles and to receive free literature.  Please pray for many visitors and productive conversations about God's living Word.

Iranian Ministry
Please pray for some Iranians who are exploring Christianity and coming to our weekly Farsi bible studies, that the Lord would open their eyes to see and accept the Lord Jesus as their Lord and saviour. 

25-30 September

Duncan & Becky Candler
Praise God that Duncan and Becky Candler have been enabled to join the team at City Church Dublin this this month. Please pray for them as they settle into life here in Dublin and especially for Becky, as they are expecting their first child later in November.  The plan is that they will reside in City Church Dublin as church planting residents for 2-3 years before leading a new plant to reach new people with the good news about Jesus.  Especially give thanks as they are particularly encouraged by the many generous supporters who have given to fund their ministry.  This includes an incredible gospel patron who has provided them with a home, rent free for the year.  With the property prices in Dublin often being prohibitive and renting accommodation often working out even more costly than buying this is a very clear provision from our loving heavenly Father.

Core Group gathering for plant in Sutton/Bayside/Baldoyle area
Please pray for wisdom as David and Honor begin to think about the best way to gather a core group to form the basis for a future church plant.  David has been speaking with the local ministers in the area and is glad to have received warm encouragements toward this end.

1-7 October

City Church Dublin
At the end of September City Church Dublin moved from having just one service to two on a Sunday morning. This was a necessary and exciting response to their growth over this past year. Thank God for his kindness to City Church and pray for Mark Smith, Duncan Candler and the team as they deal with the challenges and opportunities that arise from having two services.

Gospel witness across Dublin
Pray for continued faithful Gospel witness in churches across Dublin, and for God to bless plans for more ministries through ICM or other means.  Give thanks for the fellowship among ministers and churches in the Dublin Gospel Partnership and pray for the annual Dublin Women's Convention on Saturday 5th October.  As women from many churches learn together about “Persevering in Prayer”, pray that they may be encouraged to pray and depend more on God both individually and with others.  Pray that the Bible teaching and fellowship among many Christian women from across the Dublin area may be a great encouragement to continue living for Jesus in their various churches, homes and workplaces.

Ruth leading a seminar “praying with others” at the Dublin Women's Convention, Saturday 5th October

8-14 October

Increasing support for ICM
By invitation, David and Honor Martin are visiting America this week to raise the profile of ICM’s work.  Thank God for increasing the interest of others in the church planting plans of ICM.  Ask the sovereign Lord to over rule in all the meetings that have been arranged.  Pray especially for good relationships to be formed and for clear thinking to enlarge the hearts of all who engage with the plans of ICM.  Where possible ask that gospel patrons will emerge as a result of this visit who can share in the vision of seed funding new work for the extension of God’s kingdom.  

Kieron is speaking in UCD CU . The Theme is ‘Judgement-Discover Heaven & Hell’, Tuesday 8th October

Cameron is speaking at Donaghcloney Parish Church, Sunday 13th October

15-22 October
International students
Give thanks for the witness of the Dublin International Outreach in the summer, and pray for good ongoing contact through Immanuel church and other Dublin international student cafés with international students who came along.  Give thanks for the many years of the English Corner International Café which is not continuing due to resource limitations.  Pray that many international students may continue to hear, understand and embrace the good news of the Lord Jesus during their time in Ireland through the ministry of various churches and Christian Unions in Dublin.

23-31 October

New Trustees for new opportunities and fresh challenges
For any organisation to run well there is a need for the right people in the right place.  Please join us in giving thanks for a healthy and united board of trustees who serve with wisdom and courage.  At the same time please pray for the appointment of new trustees with the same gospel mindedness.  In addition we are actively seeking trustees who also have skills in legal, financial and property matters too.  The opportunities that lie ahead of us do require expertise in all these areas, so as well as praying for such people, should you know of any who are gifted and skilled in these ways please do encourage them to get in touch with us.  

Essential Administrative Staff
Sally Shaw (Belfast), Colin Logue (Belfast) and Olive Stewart (Dublin) face a whole host of various questions, puzzles and problems each week.  They skilfully and joyfully serve the churches and church planters by completing many essential administrative tasks that enable the preaching and pastoral staff to stay focused on sharing the good news of Jesus with all people.  Please continue to pray for them as they do all that is required, very often going the extra ‘unseen’ mile on tasks they sometimes feel ill-equipped to accomplish.  Ask that they would know God’s enabling power and have a deep joy from him as they continue to serve in this way.   

David is speaking at Knockbreda Parish Church, Belfast, Sunday 27th October

1-7 November

Collaboration with other Missionary Organisations
Over the last year ICM has been privileged to talk with other like-minded missionary organisations.  City to City (a ministry based out of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York) is one example who have global experience in church planting.  Recently a more formal partnership has been established whereby City to City is now providing coaching for our churches and new church planting families.  Another example is Acts29 who have been instrumental in supporting City Church Dublin.  Mark Smith is now operating one day a week as the Acts29 Ireland Director.  We realise that  the task of evangelising new churches into existence is beyond us all and therefore the need to collaborate more and more.  Praise God for these other ministries and pray for wisdom, generosity, and gospel single-mindedness as we together seek to win people for Christ alone.

David is speaking at the Monaghan Missionary Convention, Sunday 3rd November 

8-14 November

Immanuel Church Dublin
This month Immanuel is in a preaching series about the Bible itself. Pray for a growing confidence in the Bible and refreshment in the Spirit as we grapple with themes such as culture and interpretation. (Dublin is a hostile environment for our church members who experience much pressure in the work place and beyond to renounce the place of the scriptures). We have many among us who are new to the Bible, pray they, and indeed all of us will be cut to the heart and thrilled by the gospel in repentance and faith. Pray for creative thinking and deeper ownership within the church family as we get used to life without the help of apprentices. 

15-23 November

Please pray that by God’s enabling and for his glory alone we might continue to forge ahead with our vision to see 10 church planting churches established by 2028.  Only by his strength and in the might of his power will such a task be accomplished.  On many occasion there is any amount of reasons to think this impossible.  Pray especially on such occasions that the whole team, church pastors/planters, trustees and administrative staff, would be assured that it is through their weakness that God is seen to be strong and in their limits does He prove to be able.  Please pray that everyone involved would keep a close watch over their own hearts so as not to despair when things seem to be failing and more importantly not to be self-impressed if plans should succeed.  We recognise, though not as well as we should, that our hearts are devious, the particular temptations in ministry are many, and our enemy is restlessly prowling about like a lion seeking those whom he might devour.  Oh pray for God’s protection in times of trial and in times of blessing.

24-30 November

Iranian ministry
Please pray for Davood and Jenny that the Lord would continue to give them wisdom as they ministry amongst Iranian. Please pray for the Monday evening Skype church as there are people who come from Iran, turkey and other nations that the lord would speak to them through his word and they will be able to share the gospel with those around them. 

David Martin