Praying for our planters

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At the moment we are praising God for providing accommodation in south Dublin. Not only has God provided a house but he has also moved in the heart of an incredibly generous supporter and his wife to give us this house rent free for the year. We are quite overwhelmed by such kindness and want you to join us in praising God for such an encouragement.

Please pray as we are seeking to move over on the 15th of July. In particular, we would value your prayer with the practical move itself as our movers last minute have fallen through. Pray we will be able to arrange the best way to move our things over to Dublin.

We are very encouraged and excited to get to Dublin and begin this new season of life with City Church Dublin.

Please be praying for Becky and her pregnancy, for protection of our baby and health and strength of the new mummy. We are very grateful for all who are praying with us and for us, so thank you.

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We have had encouragements ever since we began fundraising for the work we plan to begin in Dublin’s Silicon Docks.

The day we let our church know of our plans a retired couple gave enough to cover a flight to Australia where Cameron went to raise awareness and funding for our work.

We have widows and pensioners giving £50 a month. Last Sunday an elderly lady gave an envelope with £300 pounds because she loves the gospel and wants to see the unreached reached. It is often the least expected who are most encouraging!

Just last week a couple in ministry promised £20,000 from an inheritance to help purchasing a house in Dublin for us. They are not without their own needs, but they see the gospel need as greater. Another good friend has given €3000.

One man that I have met only once has even agreed to lend us roughly half the price of a house in Dublin!

All this is seriously encouraging and way over and above all that we have been imaging.

Why are they doing this? We’re not worthy of of it!

They’re giving because they’re convinced of the gospel imperative – to proclaim Christ crucified to those who are bound for hell!

Of course, we still have great needs: finding a property to buy and move into; long-term support for living and ministry costs… but we are so encouraged by God’s provision for us by His people who are convinced by the gospel need in Dublin!

Ivan Adina Thandeka.jpg

We have been greatly encouraged by God’s provision over the last number of months.

Most importantly we were able to collect Thandeka and Adina's Romanian passport and all the other documentation that will compliment our visa application.

However last Monday when dropped our file in the embassy in Bucharest the next day they called us informing us that they won't be able to process our application anymore. This was hugely disappointing.

It must now be sent to the Dublin office and on top of this devastating news we now need to provide even more information. This means translating more documents from Romanian to English which all takes time.

Please pray for us to continue trusting in the Lord so that our hope would be always in Him alone.

Please pray for us this coming days as we go about applying for new documents and translate them and then as soon as we can to send our complete file to Dublin office by DHL.

Please pray for Ivan as he now will need to start applying for jobs in Romania so that he can support and provide to my family as they wait even longer before making any concrete plans.

''...Thus far the Lord has helped us..'' 1 Sam. 7.12

David Martin