Strengthening Old with the Bible open in Cavan. Snapshot from Dorothy Jones Alumni Apprentice


My name is Dorothy Jones and I was an apprentice in ICM from 2006-2008.  I was born and brought up in Dublin and as the daughter of a former superintendent of ICM, Immanuel (formerly Mission Church) has been my home Church since birth!  After graduating from College I became increasingly involved in serving at Immanuel and after a year living and working in New Zealand and getting stuck into a church there I started to think and pray about potentially doing some sort of ministry work in a more formal capacity.  On my return from New Zealand some of the ICM staff asked what I would think of doing the  Ministry Training Strategy (MTS an apprenticeship in evangelism and bible teaching).  Amazingly God provided me with a part-time physio job and so I was able to do MTS part-time in Immanuel.

It was a great 2 years!  It was a real privilege to serve alongside the ICM staff and to see the day to day responsibilities of full time Christian Ministry.  I became more convinced of the need for good bible-teaching and how God changes lives through hearing the good news of Jesus in his word.  It was a great time of getting to try out different types of ministry and with the help of the ICM staff discerning how I could best serve God in the future.  It was a real privilege to meet with various different women to read the Bible together and to pray together both in a group setting and one to one.  It was exciting to be involved in the setting up of the Sunday school in Immanuel and there I really enjoyed learning to teach God’s word in a fun and engaging way to children.  But a lot of these things don’t happen without the mundane tasks like chair stacking and unstacking, washing up, rota creating etc and is was good for me to learn to do these tasks joyfully too!!  It was also a great time of growth for me personally in my own walk with the Lord which is so important in sustaining you in ministry.

With the help and advice of the ICM staff I applied for and was accepted to study at Oakhill college in London.  The plan was to go there to study for 2 years and to come back and work as a women’s worker for ICM.  In my first year I met my now husband Nick and the plan (which of course was already known to God) changed slightly!

My husband is now the rector of 5 rural parishes in county Cavan and I am at home full time with our 2 children.  The experience of doing MTS has really helped me in supporting my husband in his role.  Particularly I have been involved in the children’s and youth work helping with school assemblies, Sunday school, Messy Church, holiday club and youth group.  I also meet up with a few different women to read the Bible one to one and help with the pastoral support of women in the the parish.  I and 2 other wives of local pastors have started the Cavan Christian women’s conference which is a yearly bible teaching conference for women here in Cavan.  All these things have grown from a conviction of the need for people to hear the good news of Jesus through his word which was nurtured and grew through my time in ICM doing MTS.  My prayer is that ICM will continue to be used by God in pioneering new churches and strengthening old ones by the faithful proclamation of the unchanging good news of Jesus Christ.

Dorothy Jones