Prayer News June-August


1 - 7 June
ICM vision

Give thanks for our inaugural “Entrusted” Sunday on 19th May.  Our current churches along with our new church planting families all came together under one roof.  Different friends and supporters came from across Ireland to express their interest and encouragement.  It was a great day of celebration and not short on the many challenges that lie ahead of us if we want to begin to evangelise new churches into existence.  Please pray that the day will continue to clarify the amazing privilege it is that the likes of us have been entrusted with the gospel for our generation, and that God will provide financially and practically for the new planters who want to evangelise and equip new congregations to speak about Jesus to the many in Dublin who have never heard the truth about Him.

Please pray for Rev’d Cameron Jones and his wife Alex, Rev’d Ivan De Lima and his wife Adina & daughter Thandeka, and for Duncan and Becky Candler. These three new church planting families are seeking to raise sufficient funds, find appropriate accommodation, in Ivan’s case finalise visa requirements, and to relocate to Dublin in order to begin church planting this Sept.

ICM Trustees will meet Thursday 6th June.  Pray for wisdom, courage, humility and deepening dependence on God’s mercy and on-going practical provision for the ministries of ICM.

8 - 15 June
Bible studies

Give thanks for the many one-to-one Bible studies happening, both with those exploring the Bible and gospel for the first time and those who are seeking to grow in faith.  Pray that God would speak clearly through His word being opened in these contexts, and please pray that many would have confidence to initiate new Bible study meet-ups with friends and colleagues.  Pray for a new working women's lunch-time group, that despite limited availability, the group may be built up and encouraged to serve God better in their work contexts. 

Mark and David are speaking at a Fresh Expressions Conference in Church of Ireland Theological Institute.

16 - 23 June
Immanuel Church

Kieron is on Sabbatical leave till August 11th. Pray for rest, fun family time and gospel refreshment. Pray that the time away from routine will bear much fruit in Kieron’s life and prepare him well for the year ahead. Give thanks for this opportunity and pray for David Martin and Sam Peilow who will be preaching during this time and for guest speakers too. 

Pray for our current apprentice Sam Peilow and former apprentice Georgina Smyth's wedding on 22nd June!
Sam and Gina have busy months ahead as they kick off married life and prepare to move to Oak Hill College in England to begin theological study. Pray that all their spiritual, emotional and financial needs will be met. 

24 - 30 June
ICM building and administration

Give thanks for the ICM building and its central location in Dublin city centre.  Please pray for wisdom and finance to facilitate its upkeep and future use for God's glory.  Please thank God and continue to pray for the ICM administrative staff - for Olive Stewart in Dublin and Sally Shaw and Colin Logue in Belfast. Pray for efficiency and wisdom as they handle financial, database and building-related tasks.  Without their commitment and skill much of the ministry on the ground simply would not be possible.

David is speaking at an Evangelical Alliance Conference for church leaders in Belfast.

1 - 8 July
Summer Soul and Drung Holiday Club 

Pray for Ruth and others supporting Drung Group of Parishes, Co. Cavan in the running of their Holiday Bible Club this week.  Pray that the gospel might be faithfully proclaimed, that the children would respond in faith and that leaders from Drung will be encouraged in their future ministry with the children.  

Pray also for Summer Soul, a camp for teenagers run by leaders of several Dublin churches, also happening this week.  Pray for God's equipping for leaders from Immanuel who will be involved and that the teenagers would long to live for Jesus and be equipped to do so as a result of the camp.

The Lynch family will be serving at the Summer Soul camp in Co. Westmeath

Ruth will be helping at the Drung Group of Churches Holiday Bible Club, Co. Cavan

9 - 15 July
City Church

As summer is a time of transition for many at City pray for those who are moving on that they would be faithful in proclaiming the gospel wherever they go.  Pray for Apprentice Jacob Adams and City Church member Sarah Winterburn as they get married this week, that God would bless them as they serve Him together, initially in Dublin and longer-term in the USA.  Pray too for Duncan and Becky Candler as they prepare to move to Dublin from England this month to join the staff team at City Church.

Apprentice Jacob Adams and Sarah Winterburn's wedding on 11th July

16 - 24 July
Holiday time

During the summer holiday time, please pray for rest and refreshment for ICM staff, as they take holidays at various times.  Pray that they may be encouraged for continued service as they look forward to the coming academic year and its challenges and opportunities.  Pray also that our churches might be welcoming and encouraging fellowships for the many tourists who visit Dublin over the Summer.

25 - 31 July
Dublin International Outreach 

Dublin International Outreach (DIO), running from 26th July - 11th August, aims to share the Gospel with international students, many of whom come to Dublin to improve their English.  The team will be running free 'conversation cafés' from Monday to Friday for two weeks, where students can come and practise their English. Each night will have a theme, e.g. Irish night, pancake night or games night and there is an optional Bible study in simple English.  This year they will be working through the Gospel of John, helping the students to understand who Jesus is, and the offer of eternal life for all who believe in Him.  Please pray for Sam serving on the planning team beforehand, as a team leader and teaching the team from the Bible in the mornings.  Pray for his preparation, for wisdom while serving as a team leader, and for the team as a whole, for boldness in sharing the Gospel, and for stamina, as the two weeks can be pretty hard work!

1 - 8 August
New ICM Church Planters

Please pray for Rev’d Cameron Jones and his wife Alex, Rev’d Ivan De Lima and his wife Adina & daughter Thandeka, and for Duncan and Becky Candler.  These three new church planting families are seeking to raise sufficient financial funds, find appropriate accommodation, in Ivan’s case finalise visa requirements, and to relocate to Dublin in order to begin church planting this Sept.  There have been some great encouragements but as the whole process of actually putting these church planting families on the ground is new to everyone, there remains a definite uncertainty regarding the practicalities of it all.  Please pray that God in his kindness would provide in every way so that we might have more opportunity to speak to more people about the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

9 - 15 August  
Iranian ministry

Pray for Davood as he continues to develop the Iranian ministry, focussing on those in Dublin.  Pray for wisdom as he and Jenny consider how to develop the ministry in the future and as they support many Iranians as they tranisition to life in Ireland, often having been through challenging circumstances.  Give thanks for Iranians integrating more into Immanuel church life and pray that the weekly Iranian Bible study and Skype meetings might build many up in the truth of the Gospel.

16 - 24 August  
ICM Trustees

Give thanks to God for his kindness in raising up men and women who have a sincere faith and love for the gospel and express this in their service as trustees for Irish Church Missions.  Some of them have served on the board for many years and bring a depth of wisdom and perspective to all the decisions facing ICM.  Others are new and have a keen desire and ambition for the gospel to reach more new people across Ireland.  As a whole board  please pray for soundness of speech and clarity of vision.  We have been blessed by a gospel unity and please do pray that this would continue.  The decisions facing ICM financially, administratively and practically are likely to become increasingly complex so pray for generosity, dependence on God to provide and a forthrightness for the sake of the gospel.  

25 - 31 August  
Apprentices moving on

Pray for Sam, Angel, Abby and Jacob as their apprentice training at ICM comes to an end.  As they move on to further work or study, pray for God to continue to guide their steps as they seek future opportunities for service.  Pray that the experience and skills learned during their apprenticeship might be used for God's glory, to bless many others in years to come.  Pray also for Immanuel and City church as they prepare to welcome the many new students and professionals who will arrive in Dublin in the coming weeks.

David is speaking at Christian Union Ireland - Equip conference.

David Martin