Our Newest Church Planters


Rev’d Ivan, Adina
& Thandeka De Lima

Life has been one great adventure since we met in Ireland.  Ivan (from Brazil) and Adina (from Romania) met in Immanuel Church Dublin where Ivan was a ministry apprentice. Love blossomed, and after a further 18 months of ministry training in St. Elizabeth’s Dundonald they were married.

3 years later Ivan was ordained deacon, having completed his studies for Anglican ministry at George Whitefield College, South Africa.  While there, Thandeka their beautiful little daughter was added to their family.

We would now love to begin a work in Dublin again, where it all began for us. Evangelising a new church into existence seems to be the greatest calling any Christian and church can undertake. 

We know only Jesus can bring everlasting salvation to all who call upon his name and simply want to be those who speak about him to any who will listen.  Coming from a variety of cultures ourselves we feel particularly qualified to reach multicultural Dublin.

Please pray as we seek to meet housing, funding, and visa needs.  As great as these are for us personally, we know that the spiritual and eternal needs of the people of Dublin are greater by far. 

(Ivan and Adina plan to start mid-2019.  For more info please contact dublin@irishchurchmissions.ie or write to Irish Church Missions, 28 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1).


Rev’d Cameron
& Alex Jones

“We’re not going back there!”

That emphatic decision after our honeymoon is overwhelmingly ironic now.   We were never going to stay in Sydney.  We were always going to be returning to Ireland.

The memory of a little Bible study in Cork led by a man who drove two and a half hours each way, simply would not leave us alone.

Fast forward almost 20 years and Cameron has now been ordained by the Church of Ireland as a minister in God’s church.  Both he and Alex cannot ignore the obvious need in Dublin

Other gospel opportunities exist, with other paths to them.  But what about those who have no one preaching Jesus to them and no contact with anyone who would do so?  In a city of 1.2m plus, even if there were 60 churches doing the ministry of evangelism and discipleship there would still be need for plenty more.  

Although There may not even be sufficient believers to have a ‘seed’ of a congregation to plant, we are convinced that evangelising new churches into existence is the best way to reach the unreached and would love your prayers and support as we seek to do so.

(Cameron and Alex start Sept 2019.  For more info please contact dublin@irishchurchmissions.ie or write to Irish Church Missions, 28 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1).

David Martin