ICM400 - Please give.


It’s been a good start, but much more is needed.

We are seeking four hundred small but regular new financial supporters. These new supporters will join our existing support base and add much needed extra momentum. All donations under ICM400 will be divided between some of the current ICM staff, allowing them to continue their ministry on the ground, new pioneers whom we are praying can start next year, and also meet some of our administrative overheads.

Please do prayerfully consider how you might express your support for the ministry of ICM in this way, and either begin or refresh your regular contributions.

Ways to donate : ICM400

1. (Preferred at present) Visit our Stewardship Account by going to www.give.net and search for Irish Church Missions.  Follow the instructions to set up a regular donation and when prompted, leave a message explaining your donation is going towards ICM 400.

2. Our new website will soon have a range of giving options available.  Visit the site in late Sept to access and use these.

3. Request a standing order form either by emailing: dublin@irishchurchmissions.ie or by post 28 Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin, D01 P4V6.  When setting this up ensure to reference your donation as going towards the ICM 400 campaign.

Again any regular donation is invaluable for long term planning.  We would like to keep everyone informed as to exactly where we are at with this campaign.  This is why referencing your donation as a response to ICM 400 will help us to know exactly when we’ve reached our gaol.  It would be so encouraging to be able to report back to you that we have an equal spread across the four different suggested figures per week, but we realise that some will be unable to give £6.50, while others might be able to give more than £15 per week.  Regardless, as a venture to see the gospel planted to grow the church, we would love if you could join us, and perhaps enlist the help of others as well.

David Martin