Pioneering New, Strengthening Old.


In Irish Church Missions we are deeply grateful to God for all that He has enabled us to do in recent years.  In addition to training and sending many young men and women into ministry around the world, strengthening local churches to engage with the ever changing face of Ireland, ICM has grown two new churches (Immanuel & City) and sustained a ministry among the Iranian community, both in Belfast and Dublin.

However, as encouraging as all this is, we are not even scratching the surface.  Scores of thousands of people across Ireland remain unaware of the desperate need they have of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, with the experience we have gained to date, our intention is double our current work in Dublin in 2019.  This is the first step in realising 10 new churches by 2028.

It is a bold plan to begin pioneering three new churches, in addition to the three that are currently underway.  The aim is that under God this will lead to the planting and establishing of three new churches on the north side of the city.  Discussions are currently underway with potential ‘planters’ and their families, and different models of initiating these ministries are being explored.  It is deeply humbling to see these families ready to lose their lives for the sake of Jesus and His gospel. 

Such a plan is a huge increase to our present ministries and we are more dependent than ever on your prayerful support and financial generosity.  It is obvious that we need both.  We certainly are aware that in undertaking such work it is a spiritual battle that will demand perseverance, wisdom, courage and sacrifice. Your continued partnership in the ministry of ICM is deeply appreciated.

David Martin