The God Who Gives

‘…to all who did receive him, who believed in his name,
he gave the right to become children of God’
John 1:12


When we turn to the Bible, we find a God who is not unforgiving.  He is not frugal.  Wonderfully he is not even fair.  When it comes to giving, the God of the Bible is extravagant, lavish and unrestrained.  Unlike the gods other people serve, who only demand and take, our God takes the greatest delight in being a generous giver.

In John 1:12 we’re told that ‘to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave them the right to become children of God.  This is the staggering news we celebrate, especially as we come to Christmas.  It is the amazing news that we so desire many others will share in and enjoy with us in ICM too.  God is an extravagant giver.

People who deserved nothing, except to be disowned by God and evicted from the world he has made, are given the possibility of a completely new future.  The gospel tells us we are not merely given a stay to remain.  We are not simply granted access to certain parts of his family home.  Our relationship today and future with him is not unclear, unsure or undefined.  John wants us to know, for all who receive Jesus and believe in his name, they are completely approved, have total access and can be fully certain of their place in his family forever.  The personal implications for us are rich and deep.  We now, today can take pleasure in the peace, joy, certainty, intimacy and unquestioning love we have from our merciful heavenly Father, all because of Jesus.  This is what God does.  God himself gives us the right to become his children.

In ICM as we look back over the past year, and look forward to 2019, please join us as we stand in awe, that the God we serve is the one who has already served us.  As we fill our hearts with the wonder of his love, may it lead us to give of ourselves in more joyful service of him in 2019.

David Martin