Failure is Worth It.


Ministry in Dublin is never as straightforward as you might hope. This fall we had planned to start up a Christianity Explored course at City Church Dublin that would meet on Sunday afternoons for several weeks. The schedule was ready, the lessons were planned, the sign up sheet was out for several weeks, but when the day came for our first session only one person showed up. 

All the planning, work, and prayer for this event seemed to have been for nothing. I was expecting one more person at the least, but instead of a successful and full class my fiancé and I had the opportunity to sit down with a woman who has been attending City Church for the past year. She’s not a believer in Jesus yet, but our conversation opened up a chance to talk about John’s Gospel.

Instead of being disappointed in the lack of interest in the course, I was pleasantly surprised and blessed by God’s decision for this conversation to take its place. The Lord used this conversation to open up the door for this woman to talk through her thoughts on the Gospel, and where she stands in her relationship with Jesus. She just finished walking through the Mark’s Gospel with Abby Zwicky, the other apprentice at City Church, and as of this week will start walking through John with Abby so she can understand more about who Jesus is and what he’s done to bring us into relationship with him. 

It’s a hard lesson to learn, but the disappointment of one failed class has led to a redoubled effort to spend time with and minister to the people of Dublin.  Classes and courses weren’t in God’s plan for us, but instead we have the chance to continue pointing this woman to Jesus.

Failure is worth it, because it’s often in that failure that God acts in ways we don’t expect. 

Jacob Adams