We are prayerfully seeking to place 10 churches in Dublin by 2028.

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Entrusted: Together with the Gospel


In order to realise this, we are exploring three new church plants in 2019. 
Possible locations and names of these churches are: 

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Why focus on Dublin?

Government research suggests by 2031, over 40% of the population share of the Republic of Ireland will be living in the greater Dublin area.


A recent Anglican survey also predicts there will be centres of population explosion in the capital over the next 5 to 10 years. These areas include inner north Dublin, along with Howth, Portmarnock and Coolock.

How will Local Churches Respond to Major Housing Development?

In addition many multinationals are continuing to use Dublin as a hub by which they can reach not only Europe, but also the Middle East, India and beyond.  As far as any church planting strategy is concerned, Dublin represents a global centre from which the gospel might indeed reach the world.

Although ICM is concerned for the whole of Ireland, under God, we aim to focus and indeed multiply our efforts in reaching the growing city of Dublin in the next 10 years.


Why plant new churches in Ireland today?

The bottom line is that many long established churches have given up preaching the gospel. This is the first and greatest reason to raise up a new generation of church planters. However, also, for many modern Irish people the church’s message has been silenced largely by it’s own actions. Unsurprisingly, recent figures show that the fastest growing religion amongst the new generation is ‘no religion’ at all.

Writing on the Gospel Coalition Website, Jonny Grant, an Irish Baptist Pastor says



The Republic of Ireland itself has 72 towns with populations of more than 5000 that remain without any gospel-centered church.



Further research suggests that out of these 72 there are 17 towns with a population of 15 000 people who remain without any gospel witness. The closer you get to the cities, the worse the problem becomes.

Although, according to the Joshua project there are 1.33% evangelical Christians in the Republic of Ireland, when analysed more closely these evangelicals are among the 12% of the population who have immigrated to Ireland in the last 20 years. The percentage of evangelicals among the indigenous Irish is under 1%. Specifically The Republic of Ireland has one of the lowest evangelical populations in all of Europe—around 0.5 percent.

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Want to join the ICM family of church planting in Ireland?

Church work is hard.  It demands patience, wisdom and courage.  

Starting a new church demands all those qualities and arguably more.  Critically it also demands an acceptance of potential utter public failure, but the conviction that it is worth it anyway.

You’ll need a sense of privilege.

Given the context of Ireland today, without a very clear sense of the privilege that it is to commit to the long hard work of church planting, it is doubtful that you will see the work through.  Knowing therefore that our labour is not in vain must be deeply rooted in every church planter.

You’ll need a clear sense of priority.

In the midst of many competing methods, not to mention understandings of ministry it is of the greatest importance that every church planter is committed to the priority of prayerfully making the gospel plain, both in the life and in the doctrine.

You’ll need an ability to pioneer

Every church planter will need to be able to break some new ground.  This does not mean that they will necessarily do it alone, but they will need to have the desire at least to take the gospel to some people group who have little or no exposure to the gospel at present.

In our attempt to reach Ireland with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ we are committed to partnering with other Christians, Churches and Networks in order to achieve this aim. Our current contacts are with

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