Irish Church Missions presents “The Christian and the Law of God” with Revd. Dr. Garry Williams of the Pastors’ Academy on Tuesday 6th March. The first of these lectures was in 2016 and this event is officially part two, though all are welcome whether they attended last year or not. This will be thoroughly engaging day and the feedback from 2016 was immensely positive. This day will address theological and pastoral questions, including: What place does the law of the Old Testament have in the life of the Christian? Does it bind the believer? Does the traditional three-fold distinction have any merit as a way of reading Old Testament laws? How does Old Testament law relate to the ‘law of Christ’? What are the right and wrong ways of reading the law as a Christian? As pastors, how should we preach the law to believers? What place does it have in motivating godly living? How can we rightly identify the dangers of legalism and antinomianism?

The day will involve the close study of Christian doctrine, blending exegesis, and historical and systematic theology. The days are open to anyone, but are designed to be easily accessible for busy pastors. They involve no preparatory reading or assessment.

We will provide tea and coffee on the day and you are welcome to eat your packed lunch in the building.
Coffee is served from 9:30am for a 10am start with the day running till 4pm.
You can book your place and find our location here

To find out more about the Pastors’ Academy go to here or for details on the Doctrine day, see here.