Davood came to Ireland in 2005 as an Asylum seeker and is now an Irish Citizen. He is married and has one daughter.

He came to faith in Christ in Iran and since his arrival in Ireland has been active in evangelizing Muslims, especially from an Iranian background. During the years Davood has spoken to hundreds of Muslims about Christ and has helped establish two Iranian congregations in both Belfast and Dublin. He also conducts the “Engaging with Islam” course to help Christians understand Islam and bring the Gospel to their Muslim friends.

He writes: I want to see Iranian people come to faith in Christ and accept the Lord Jesus as their saviour. And also train them to become church leaders of the future.

He has been blessed to be invited to different denominations around the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to share his testimony, to share the word of God and to encourage Christians to share the Gospel with Muslim people.

Islam is a subject that we can not get away from. Almost every night in the news there is something related to Islam. Today there are many many Muslim immigrants coming to western countries. Islam is helping to shape the direction of our world, and itís also a religion that can be hard to engage with, because we donít know much about it, and we donít know what to say. This may be because we are afraid to say something for fear that something might happen to us; we know that people have been taken to court because they have said something that offends Islam.

Perhaps you think ìIslam is not my business, but as Christians Islam is our business. Christians are written about in the Quran (Koran). Islam actively seeks to convert Christians. There are thousands of Muslims who are trained to go out and bring Islam to Christians, so that they will accept Mohammad as the last prophet, and the Quran as the last holy book. In truth, Islam teaches a message different to the gospel, with different understanding and teaching about Jesus. They say that Jesus is a prophet, Godís messenger; one who points to the coming of Muhammad. Islam is teaching something completely contrary to the Bible, removing Jesus as the source of salvation, and denying that Heís Godís Son. So you see Islam is our business.

Latest News from Davood

Easter Event - Belfast

We were thinking and praying about how we could encourage Iranians and reach out to Iranians in Belfast that are not connected to the Iranian church. We decided to organize an afternoon of worship in Farsi on Easter Sunday. We invited Darius an Iranian Pastor & Worship leader who lives in the Netherlands to come and lead the Worship for our Easter Event and help with the outreach. Marco a pastor from the Netherlands was also invite and he played the keyboard. They were joined by Pedrum and some of the Iranians from Belfast. George a local believer joined us and sang a few English songs for us. We invited our supporters to come to the event and see how the ministry has grown and to be blessed by the worship. We were blessed with about 20 English speakers. Normally Iranians are familiar with 10-15 minutes worship in a church service but they were blessed with a few hours of worshiping and praising God in their own language. There was a great sense of worshiping the Lord and the presence of the Holy Spirit. The worship was so encouraging we went over time enjoying the worship. This was the first big event we organized, since the beginning of the ministry in Belfast. We learnt a lot from this first event, and we are hoping and praying in the future we can do an event like this every year.   The Lord is working in the lives of Muslims and Iranians and we love to be able to do more outreach events amongst believers to encourage them in their faith and help them to grow and to reach out those who don’t know the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Savior yet. This is only possible with the Lords grace and your prayers and financial support
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Iranian Baptism - Ali

On Sunday the 8 May 2016 I had the privilege, alongside Eddie, of baptising Annelie from Sweden and Ali from Iran. Ali comes from a very religious family in one of the main Islamic cities in Iran.  His father is very high ranking in the Islamic regime. While Ali was still at school his father wanted him to attend the Islamic School to study to become an Imam.  Ali did not want to become an Imam and stopped studying altogether.  Ali was approximately 14 years of age at the time and his father was not happy with him.  He felt so alone and discontented, and he started questioning Islam. Ali started searching on the internet about Christianity. He found the Bible online and started reading it.  As he read the Bible Word of God touched his heart and he started to question Islam more and more. In order to keep his family happy Ali continued to follow the Islamic traditions by praying and fasting etc.  He asked his father questions, his father was not happy and wanted to know why he was questioning Islam.  Over time Ali realised that his life was in danger and he left Iran in a roundabout and very dangerous way.  He eventually arrived in Dublin. When Ali arrived in Dublin he was told about me by the other Iranian at the Refugee Centre and he came to see me.  When Ali first met with me he was very eager to know more about Christianity as well as requiring answers to questions that he had been searching for whilst still in Iran. Ali started attending Sunday Church services, the Monday evening Skype Church as well as group Bible studies with me.  I was so encouraged to see the hunger in this young man to learn the truth. One day Ali told me that he realised that Jesus was the one true God and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.  He felt the love of the Lord.  Although Ali had lost his whole family he now had a new family and he would no longer be alone. After a few months of attending Church and Bible Studies, he was ready for baptism. Ali’s baptism was one of the most emotional baptisms for me.  I could see how much God loves Ali and as he came up from the water he was set free from the past and felt the tangible presence of God all around him.  It was beautiful to see this. Some of the Iranian Ministry supporters were at the baptism and they were so touched and blessed by the day.  We are so grateful for their support and the fact that they showed their love by coming to the baptism. Please pray for Ali as the Government has now sent him to Tralee where he does not know anyone.  We will keep in daily telephonic contact with him as well as through the weekly Skype Church.  We will continue to look for a good church for him in Tralee.
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Dublin Church Service

At the beginning of May we re-launched the Iranian Church Service in Dublin. Some of the families who were sent to other parts of Ireland have now returned to Dublin.  We are happy to advise that there were 14 Iranians at this service which was very encouraging.  This was the first time that some of them were able to worship the Lord together in song in Farsi. After the service we enjoyed a meal together which was prepared by one of the Iranians.  It was a most encouraging day with wonderful fellowship. The next day some of the people either texted or called me to say how much they enjoyed the service as well as the fellowship, and that they were so encouraged and built up. In the beginning we plan to have at least one service a month and then hopefully twice a month. We thank the Lord as it is He who is building His church not us, we are only servants of God.
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Baptism & Harvest Service in Sligo

Neda is an Iranian believer who arrived in Dublin a few months ago.  She has been attending our Church in Dublin since she arrived here.  We were very happy and we welcomed her. At the time she was living in Balseskin which is a refugee or asylum centre where many people from different backgrounds and nationalities live together.  She was happy as she could be part of the Church and read and discuss the Bible in her own language which was very important to her.  However, after a while the government informed her that they need space in Balseskin and they sent her to Sligo.  She was very unhappy about leaving Dublin and disconnected with the Iranian Church.  We ensured her that we would keep in contact with her and she could continue taking part in our Skype Church which would enable her to have fellowship with other believers. When in Sligo she was very down.  We introduced her to the Presbyterian Fellowship Church.  Rev Mitchell who is the pastor of the Church welcomed her and the people there tried to show her the love of God.  After a while she felt at home there. She continued to be in contact with us by phone as well as taking part in our Skype Church.  She decided that because she was a believer and due to the fact that she could not be baptised in Iran she would like to be baptised. Together we spoke to the Pastor Alan Mitchell at the Presbyterian Church about baptising her and the date was set for Sunday, the 1st November.  On Saturday my wife and I travelled from Dublin to Sligo.  We met with Neda who was very sad as a few days before a lady in the refugee centre started beating her.  Neda was very scared and did not feel safe.  We tried to comfort her with the love of God and reminded her that she was not alone The Lord is with her and that she should continue to trust God. On Saturday evening we took her out for dinner.  We spent quality time together and we prayed together. On Sunday the 1st November, a lovely sunny morning, I prayed for her during the service whereafter my colleague, Allan Mitchell baptised her in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  With Neda was a South Korean lady who was also baptised.  After the baptism we bought flowers which we gave to both Neda and the South Korean lady.  The lady from South Korea was nearly in tears as she said that it was the first time in her life that she had received flowers from a man.  I told her that The Lord Jesus Christ gave her eternal life which cannot compare with the flowers I was giving her.  She was very encouraged. After the service eight of us went for lunch where we had good fellowship together, we prayed together. In the afternoon we spent time with Neda and the lady from South Korea and two other ladies. The Minister of the Presbyterian Church gave me the opportunity to share in the Harvest Service in his Church.  The Church was full and the Sligo Gospel Choir was with us as well and we all enjoyed singing along with the choir.  It was an amazing atmosphere in the Church.  You could feel that The Holy Spirit was moving.  I shared the Word of God with the people and I saw they were very interested how The Lord God is saving the Muslims in Iran and outside Iran.  I reminded them of the Word of God which says “man does not live by bread alone but by every Word of God” and I encouraged them to work with the people around them and to share the Gospel with them, especially foreigners as they feel so lonely here as The Lord says the Harvest is many but the worker is few.  I encouraged them to be an example of love of God and to take every opportunity show the love of God and to share the Word of God to people.  It was a very blessed evening but also somehow tiring as we ended at 10pm and we had to travel for 3 hours to get home. It was amazing and I enjoyed it, and hopefully we will have more baptisms in Sligo.  We are still in contact with Neda who continues to be part of our Skype Church. We give thanks to God for His love and the way in which He calls people home to Himself.
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Summer 2015 Newsletter

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