k3702550Plant a church for the price of a cup of coffee!

We need the financial and prayerful help of a whole ‘army’ of supporters to aid us in deploying Mission Partners in church planting around Ireland.

I don’t know what the price of coffee is where you are, but in Dublin it’s around €2.50. Would you then, personally donate £2.50 sterling or €2.50 euro or $2.50 dollars a week  to help us get a Mission Partner into church planting in Ireland?


Circle of Fiveimages

Could you recruit five others to plant a church in Ireland for the price of a cup of coffee?  Think of it as a circle of five! Could you ask one of your friends, one of your work colleagues, one of your relatives, one of your neighbours and one other person who goes to church to consider planting a church for the price of a cup of coffee?