ICM annually appoints apprentices to work with either of its two Dublin church plants (Immanuel Church Dublin or City Church Dublin). For further information about the ethos of the programme, read the description below.

If you are interested in applying for an apprenticeship position, contact ICM for an application form.


Being an MTS apprentice involves a two year programme based within a church or a specialist ministry team. It is essentially on-the-job training for ministry, ideally taken on prior to theological study, and centred on prayer, Bible study and practical ministry.

The essence of MTS is not formal instruction but learning through active participation in evangelism and Bible teaching. The two years provides enough time to establish ministries and learn from success and failure.

The focus of the training is the ministry of the Word and prayer. Trainees spend their time evangelizing, teaching and training others in a variety of contexts.   MTS works with a team of experienced evangelists and pastors who serve as Trainers and role models for apprentices. The apprenticeship can be undertaken full-time  or part-time.

Each apprentice has a programme tailor-made for them and their training context, but the three broad areas addressed in all apprenticeships are training in the three ‘C’s.
1. Christian conviction
2. Christian character
3. Competence in the work of Christian ministry.

Situated in the heart of the city of Dublin, an MTS apprenticeship in ICM has an international, cross-cultural ‘feel’ that gives the apprentice an opportunity to minister to people of many different cultural and social backgrounds.  Integral to the apprenticeship is working closely with our partner church, Immanuel Church, Dublin, which operates out of the ICM building in the city-centre of Dublin.   Apprentices get most of their training within the context of Immanuel, but may also have opportunities for ministry in new church plants.