Essential is now in it’s fifth year and pastors from all over Ireland gathered in June to hear from Pastor Jonathan Dodson (Lead Pastor of City Life Church, Austin TX.) and Dr. Tim Ward (Tutor of homiletics from Oak Hill College, London). The focus this year was on “The Mission of God” and our speakers took on complementary areas with Jonathan speaking on evangelism and Tim on preaching.

Recordings for all the sessions of this year’s conference can be found in the links below.

Session One – Jonathan Dodson  “Surviving God’s mission in the city, Genesis 18:22 – 19:38”
Session Two – Jonathan Dodson  “Evangelism in a secular culture”
Session Three – Tim Ward  “Effective application (part 1)”
Session Four – Tim Ward “Effective application (part 2)”
(apologies, sessions five and six are unavailable)
Session Seven – Jonathan Dodson  “Gospel community in a secular society, 1 Peter 2:1-11”

T.C. Hammond Theological Lecture with Q&A: “Sharing the gospel in a secular age”  (Jonathan Dodson)